1980 Toyota Cressida

he Cresida was the top of the Toyota line up a traditional front engine rear wheel drive. Six cylinder power that the basic drive train and platform was used for Super performance Supra. The evolution of the platform lives on today in the Lexus brand.

In 1957, when Toyota first came to America, Elvis was king of rock n" roll, big cars with tailfins were "in" and postage stamps were just 3 cents. After a poor start with a car called the "Toyopet," Toyota came back strong in 1965 with the popular 90-horsepower Corona sedan.

Then there was the Corolla, Cresida, Camry, Toyota trucks, Along the way, they have learned a lot and enjoyed the support of American consumers who have embraced the quality, dependability and reliability of Toyota

Today, Toyota is one of the top-selling brands in America and are committed to continuous improvement in everything they do, along with breakthrough products for the future. Toyota is proud to share some highlights of their 50 years of progress and history here.
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